Jewelry care

Jewelry Care


Caring for and cleaning your jewelry will keep it shining and lasting a long time. A well kept piece of jewelry kept according to these guidelines will make it last i lifetime.



  • Diamonds are hard but not indestructible. Diamonds can damage or scratch other jewelery, so keep your diamond jewelry separately. Clean your diamonds regularly so they retain their full luster.


  • It is always good to keep the pendant, for example, an organza bag in order to avoid excessive wear.


  • Remove jewelery when you shower, sleep, do sports or any other situation where they may be damaged.


  • Do not expose jewelry to harsh chemical agents, and avoid cosmetics, suntan lotion and hairspray.


  • It is always good to remember that many metals are plated, and this surface is abraded with time.


  • Never store your jewelry with other jewelry as it can easily become scratched by lying and rubbing against harder materials. Jewelry can become discolored on prolonged contact with other metals.


  • Silver can discolor easily, so please keep your silver jewelry airtight to prevent oxidation.


  • Some people excrete sulfur on the skin due to medication, and this can lead to discoloration. Although the humidity is very important for how quickly silversulfiden grows.


  • Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom because of the high humidity.


  • Gold and silver are soft metals that require careful treatment.

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