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When buying a diamond, you should always request a copy of the diamond's certificate a certificate as proof that the diamond has been verified by an independent and professional party.


A diamond certificate is a grading report and a certificate drawn up by professional gemologists in a graduation institution. The diamond is measured, reviewed and evaluated by trained professionals with the best tools available. The certificate includes an analysis of the diamond all the dimensions and proportions, its clarity, abrasive quality, color, polish, symmetry and other properties.


The certificate will help you make an informed choice when buying a diamond and gives you the security of the product qualities and characteristics.


There are a number of institutes in the world which issues its own certificate. Diamantia have decided to sell diamonds from only the most prestigious institutions in the world, GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), HRD (HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemmology) and IGI (International Gemmological Institute). A diamancertifikat from one of these institutions, gives customers a sense of security knowing that your diamond has been analyzed by an international independent expert.


However, it is important to know that a certificate is not the same as a score. A valuation is primarily an economic instrument, who will speak about the value of the diamond market, it is not a grading report. A certificate is just a mere assessment of the diamond's characteristics, and says nothing about the monetary value.


Diamond Grading is not an exact science. It is an analysis and assessment of a natural material. This means that two experts might differ slightly in their assessment of the diamond. This is common, and perfectly acceptable.


Each diamond on our website has its own information where it normally is also a link to the stone's unique certificates. Should you not find or access the report, please call us for help.

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